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Welcome to Tracking Shots, a resource for young and aspiring filmmakers. This is where you'll learn about the world of film as well as find tips and tricks for working on your own projects.

I'll be discussing the best equipment to buy on a limited budget, how to shoot, what to watch and much more. I'll also be answering your questions and posting 'how to' videos.

Check back each week to see what's new. 

About Walker Dowd-Whipple

Walker is a recent graduate of Ithaca College's Radio and Television program. A past film teacher at Box Of Light, he lives in Los Angeles where he is seeking his fortune as a script writer.


Film Term of the Week

Jump Cut

A jump cut is an abrupt cut from one shot to another. It's used to jump forward (or about) in time and is not meant to be fluid or smooth. The concept is well explained and demonstrated in the clip below.


Clip of the Week

Take a look at these jump cuts in action. 

(Special thanks to the Vimeo Film School.)

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