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Stop motion animation is a wonderfully active, collaborative, media fluent, communication rich classroom activity. It can be used to teach math, explore social studies topics and illustrate scientific principals.

This Blog is where you will learn to use Stop Motion to share with parents, connect to other classrooms and empower your students to become the teachers of others.

March 30, 2017

Before shooting, even before building their set, your students should decide whether to shoot with the camera (or iPad) facing down or across. The deciding factor? Gravity. If the characters need to fly, swim or jump over a building, shooting down is preferable. Gravity holds your character to the background and you don't need to fuss with wires, string or fishing line. (All of which are visible and hard to control.) If your c...

March 12, 2017

Check out this video that will take you (or your students) through the stop motion process.

March 12, 2017

This third grade class in Turbotville Elementary, Turbotville, PA created a video to teach polygons to others. They used candy, books, straws, their bodies and more. You can bet that these students will remember their polygons and that next year's students will learn from this as well.

March 11, 2017


SNTM is a film festival that explores the challenges and opportunities of the groups within our communities.


SNTM films can explore the experiences, challenges and opportunities of any group. If you are a school, your film might be an anti-bullying film. If you are interested issues of race, gender, age, religion or ability, your film can talk about that experien...

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From setting up your camera to editing your films, these videos will show you everything you need to know to start animating.

(And if it's not here, let us know. We'll add a tutorial.)

Building your camera stand
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March 14, 2017

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