Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions. We have answers.

My child has special needs.  Can they participate?

Please contact us to discuss your child’s particular abilities and needs.  We frequently work with students on the Autism spectrum, with ADHD, and other special needs.  However, we do not have social workers on staff or the capabilities to support some issues when they arise.  We want every student to have a good experience, which means ensuring that our camp environment is a good fit for them.

My child is advanced for their age, and they would really like to sign up for a camp where the age bracket is older than they are.  Can I sign them up?

To sign them up you need to get special permission from us.  Our age brackets have something to do with ability, but more important to us is the social environment for the students.  We can work with students of any ability in a camp, so long as they want to learn.  What is harder is when students are not ready for the social and emotional aspects of a camp.  A 6 year old, for example, may not be ready to share and work on a team with 9 year olds.

Can we bring LEGOs or other toys?

We have plenty of LEGOS, but if you would like…Please only bring special minifigs, builds, or pieces that are easily identifiable as your child’s so they will not be confused with ours.  Please label everything with your child’s name.  We cannot take responsibility for LEGO pieces or other toys that go missing.

Can I take my child's video home with me?

Yes! There are two ways to do this:

  1. 1.) Visit Your Videos page! We upload all finished videos to Vimeo as a private link (only people with the link can view it). After watching your child's film, you can download it to your computer for free!


  3. 2.) Bring a USB drive with you, and after class, we'll put the finished video on it.

Do you have financial aid available?

Yes. Learn more here.