Stop Action Animation

Stop Action Animation is a technique used in animation to bring static objects to life on screen. This is done by moving the objects in small movements while filming a frame per movement.


When all the frames are played in sequence, the object comes to life.

Clay figures, puppets and miniatures are often used in stop motion animation as they can be handled and repositioned easily.


EDUCATORS: Here is your chance to let your students teach others! WVIA and Box Of Light are hosting an Educational Animation Festival. When your students submit an animation that teaches a math, science or social studies concept, they might just win a Box Of Light assembly or Animation Workshop for their school.

Winning entries will be posted to this site.

Click here for the rules and a few example movies.



Let's set up your camera

Down? Across? It depends


Small movements are good movements

How to create fluid movement



Or not. Pauses are good too

Phrasing your movement

Your movie has a problem

And that's a good thing

Dramatic structure

Don't make a sound

Make lots of them

Using sound in your movie

It's the world calling

Editing and sharing your movie

An brief overview of your editing software

Meet our young filmmakers.

Emma talks about sets.

Nicholas talks about movement

Miles and Lucas talk about characters

A few student movies

Meet the polygons

Can't sculpt? Use clay snakes

The Digital Classroom

See what students are creating.

Making the butterfly animation

How did they do that?

Building a camera support.