Project possibilities for a Box Of Light residency

The following videos were created during Box Of Light residencies.

Student Created Math Tutorial

Fourth Grade: Polygons

Student Created Math Tutorial

Second Grade: Turnaround Facts

Student Created Science Tutorial

Fourth Grade: The Water Cycle

Student Created Science Tutorial

Fourth Grade: Series Circuit

Student Created Math Tutorial

Sixth Grade: Exponents

In our original tutorials, students learn a concept or fact, decide how to share their knowledge with others, script, film and perform their own tutorial. Finally, they revisit the topic as they watch their film over and over.

A look at our classroom activities.

High School: Art


Bully Prevention Film

In this project, students learn about the dynamics of bullying and collaborate with Box Of Light artists to create bully prevention films.  The films remain at the school to be used as topics for futher discussion.

View of classroom at work.

Student shot footage.

This 6th grade classroom is a beehive of activity during our social studies project. This is another good look at the Box Of Light classroom experience. Students work in groups, in the way they feel comfortable and everyone is actively engaged in their task.

iBook, iMovie Intro for Fourth Graders

In this film, Box Of Light staff introduces the iBook creation process to a classroom of fourth graders. It's a good look into a Box Of Light class; kids working in teams, heads together, the whole room engaged in their task and a proud showing of the final result.

Original iBook (Image only)

First Grade: story created by, illustrated by and performed by Ms. Leandro's First Grade class, Cambridge Springs Elementary.

This iBook is available on Apple's iBook Store and has been downloaded by readers as far away as Australia. The project developed into a geography lesson as students in Ms. Leandro's class put up a world map and added a pin to the map for the location of each download.



First Grade: Reading

Second Grade: Math

Bully Prevention Films

Live Action Math Tutorial

Fourth Grade: Story Problems

Fourth Grade: Math

Fourth Grade: Science

Graphic book re-creation of live film

Sixth Grade

We like to live iBooks behind whenever possible so, we created this iBook from film stills from Bud, Not Buddy.

Film adaptation of novel Bud, Not Buddy.

Sixth Grade

Students researched the Depression and adapted the novel, Bud, Not Buddy into a film. Students researched, scripted, filmed, performed and helped edit this film.

Journey Through South America

Sixth Grade

These students researched the countries of South America, scripted an adventure across the continent and green screened themselves into each location they visited in the film.

(Apologies for the blurriness of some moments in this film. It's a YouTube issue.)

High School: Art

Wild Things

A kindergarten performance of Maurice Sendak's Where The Wild Things Are

 First Grade iBook

(as seen on Apple's iBook Store)

Wild Things: Digital Book

This iBook was created with images from the kindergarten film Wild Things. The book became part of the classroom's library.

Wild Things: Digital Book

This iBook was created with images from the kindergarten film Wild Things. The book became part of the classroom's library.

Wild Things

A first grade performance of Maurice Sendak's Where The Wild Things Are.

Sixth Grade: Reading, Literature

Sixth Grade: Social Studies, Geography

Sixth Grade: Math

Residency Overview

Box Of Light artists talk about our film and animation residency at Russell Elementary. The residency used claymation to take Owney, the Rail Dog on a cross country journey and film to fracture some favorite fairytales. Rich language, media literacy and illiteration? They were all a part of the project as well.

Fourth & Fifth Grade: Reading, Geography

Art Animation/iBook Project

High School: Art

In this residency, students research and an animated some of the world's greatest art. The students' research and animation became part of a set of iBooks which continue to be used as resource materials in the art room.

High School: Art