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Let's Assemble!

Meet Rand Whipple

Rand has been performing for schools for over 25 years. He has performed in eleven countries on four continents and his educational shows have been presented numerous times by the Smithsonian's Discovery Theatre. He is a fun performer with a great connection to young audiences.

ZAP! Electricity

ZAP! Electricity is a hair raising look at electrons, currents, conductors and insulators. Every demonstration uses children from the audience and every concept demonstrated builds upon the one before. ZAP! is fun, fast and absolutely shocking!

Simple Machines

Get ready for the Plunger of Doom, giant mousetraps, potential to kinetic devices (slingshots) and other simple (yet funny) machines. We’ll use all of these as well as golf balls, pulleys, scissors, a Tonka truck and a hammer to... you guessed it... break an egg!  Good science. Great fun.

Burble, Fizz, Kaboom!

This show mixes chemical reactions, solutions, molecules and phase changes with a good sense of humor and presents it with a lot of help from the audience. Students will help make liquid lasagna, shatter a marshmallow and learn what scientists want more than anything else in the world. BFK does not underestimate the value of a good, clean mess.

Earth Days, The Water Cycle

This fun show, using the format of our humorous science shows, looks at water as a molecule. It explores the way water transforms, moves, carries good things and bad and basically sustains all life on earth. The performance is dripping with audience participation and student helpers become Knights and Ladies of the Aquifer (basically, they get hit on the head with a wet sponge.)

Please note: Earth Days and Burble, Fizz, KaBoom! share content and demonstrations. They should not be presented subsequent years.


We all know that gravity pulls things to the center of the earth. Do all things fall at the same speed? Do they speed up as they fall? Who is the ‘Strongest Child in the World’? (Hint: she is in the audience.) GRAVITY answers all of these questions and more in an active, fun filled exploration of this fundamental force. GRAVITY includes the famous ‘Splat Test’.

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Fractured Stories

What happens when it is the prince that needs to be saved, when the ugly old lady is not a witch?  Wasn’t what Goldilocks did actually legally considered breaking and entering? Can a ghost story be funny? Tales turned on their heads. This is a fun, active storytelling show with lots of help from the audience.

Aesop's Fables

Visit a time when animals talked, people listened and every story had a lesson to teach.  Aesop’s Fables is an active telling of some of the world’s favorite stories. As always, in Box Of Light assemblies, the stories are structured so that the audience is actively involved in the telling, not merely passive listeners.

Weird, Wild, & Wonderful

How many WEIRD, WILD & WONDERFUL ways are there to tell a story?  Your students will see, in this assembly full of mime, stories and projections. They will also see how special effects for movies and television are created. With its dancing buildings and laughing dogs, this show remains one of our most popular assemblies.


On The Way To The First Thanksgiving

Meet John Howland (who fell off of the Mayflower), the Billington Boys (who were almost thrown off), Squanto (who saved the Pilgrims) and Giles (who helped set the table on that fine day. Great characters. Great stories. A wonderful way to teach about that first Thanksgiving.

October Tales

Hauntingly fun folktales from around the world. Includes beloved stories from Scotland, Ireland, China and the United States. The audience gets to learn about folktales from different cultures, help with the stories and even (once) scream out loud!

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