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Cornwall-Lebanon School

Here are you class books. Click on the cover to see your lesson and a few extra, fun videos.

CL Grades 1-3.jpg
MonkeyShadowArtist Name
00:00 / 12:08
Listen to Sleeping Beauty
CL Grades 4-5 copy.png
CL Grades 6-8 copy.png

Oops! It looks like I

made a mistake in your assignment.

6th-8th Graders: listen to and illustrate the GHOST STORY (not Monkey


A Ghost StoryArtist Name
00:00 / 12:27

Each class group has its own page. Click below to visit yours.

All School Video: What will you find in an animation studio?

Drawing with Mac, Drawing Facial Expressions (Beginning Level)

Drawing with Mac, How to Draw Faces (Intermediate Level)

Drawing with Mac, How to Make a Flipbook Animation

Just for fun: Great Barrier High 

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