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Box Of Light studio workshops are hands-on, fun, collaborative lessons in media literacy.

We can focus on one topic or blend multiple (depending upon the workshop length.)

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Stop Motion Animation 

Learn to frame your camera, the best way to build sets and characters, how to create fluid movement and refine your story with sound. This is our most popular workshop for a reason. It's collaborative, active, creative and lets the students see their films as they create it. 


Telling a story with video or film is more than just pointing the camera at someone. This workshop teaches not just how to frame a shot but how to perform for the camera, understand dramatic structure and how to improve your film by the way you use music and sound effects. Add a script and you have a writing exercise as well. Shooting a video is easy. Making it good requires something a bit more.

Green Screen

This workshop can stand on its own or be combined with our video workshop. In it, students learn to chroma key (drop out a colored background) and explore ways to imaginatively interact with their backgrounds. 

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Our in-studio workshops are offered as half or full day sessions. 

And, while you are thinking about creating films, please take a look at the WVIA/Box Of Light educational festivals. These festivals are opportunities both learn and teach others.

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