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Class Videos

Lesson 1: An Introduction to Stop Motion Animation

Lesson 2: Setting Up for Stop Motion Animation

Lesson 3:Filming your Animation

Lesson 4: Adding Sound and Editing Your Animation

Lesson 5: Creating a Digital Book

Lesson 6: Video and Green Screening

Teacher Videos

Computer Stand Options

Stop Motion App Comparisons

Stop Motion Class Management

Bonus Videos

Animation Studio Tour

Create Your Own Foley

Making the Moth Animation

Fun with Portals

Flipbook Animation Tutorial

How To Build a PVC Camera Stand

Drawing Faces

Drawing Facial Expressions

Specific Lesson Videos

The Stop Motion Animation Process

Setting Up Your Camera

Small Movements Are Good Movements

Phrasing Your Movement

Your Movie Needs a Problem

Using Sound

The Editing Process

App Tutorials

Stop Motion Studio Pro Tutorial

iStopmotion Tutorial

Cloud Stop Motion Tutorial, Part 1

Cloud Stop Motion Tutorial, Part 2: Adding Sound

WeVideo Tutorial

By Students For Students

Nicholas talks about creating good movement.

Emma talks about sets.

Miles and Lucas talk about building sets and characters.

Student Film: Great Barrier High

Polygon Mania

How to Make (and not Make) a Movie

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